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Lexi Rees, Kids Club Founder
The Really Helpful Club specialises in keeping things stress-free

Hi, I’m Lexi and I’m a Book Dragon! If we haven’t met before, I’m an author, tutor, coach, pony girl, lover of the outdoors, secret crafter, and a busy, stressed out mum. All of these led me to set up the KidsClub.

About the book club

When my kids were younger, I didn’t want them to just race through book after book so they could sign them off on their reading records. I wanted reading to be stress-free and fun. It isn’t a race or a competition. In fact, I think reading records can actually discourage struggling/ slower readers. Instead, I want to encourage all readers to immerse themselves in the world the author has created, whether it’s real or fantasy. That way, reading is not just a “tick in the box”, it’s a whole lot more, and most importantly, FUN!

If that strikes a chord with you, you’re going to love the KidsClub family book club.

Girl on sofa having fun reading a book

To start with, there’s a great selection of books, designed to excite, challenge and stretch young readers, but the KidsClub does more than help develop literacy and comprehension skills, there are a host of book themed activities included to accompany each book: science experiments, recipes, geography challenges, historical facts, crafts. And the really good news is, you won’t have to spend your precious (and limited) free time finding materials. This is a one-stop-shop to making reading with your kids stress-free and fun. You might even have time for a cuppa!

I hope that sounds good and looking forward to a fabulous bookish journey together 🙂

PS – you can see the FAQs are on the “Join the club” page. We did debate where best to put them!

Sneak peek inside one of the stress-free book courses at the fun activities.
A sneak peek at just one of the book courses – all the activities for this are listed on the left side of the screen

About the creative writing courses

My favourite part of being an author is working with the children and inspiring them in their reading and writing. I love doing school visits, assemblies, workshops and after school clubs. During the Covid lockdown, I found that not only did I really miss these, but also the parents were desperately looking for them, so I took some of the courses online.

Be part of a broader parenting community

Be part of our parenting community

The KidsClub is also part of an online community where you can chat to other parents, share information and ideas, access special discounts, and find events and workshops in a whole range of activities including cooking, fitness, dance, storytelling and lots more. You can find out more by downloading the UGENIE App and joining the KidsClub community hub.

If you’re curious about Lexi’s own books, here you go. But the KidsClub explores stuff by LOADS of different authors.

Collection of action packed fiction and fun activity books written by Lexi Rees.
If you’re curious, these are books written by Lexi, but the club reads LOADS of books!

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