Member benefits

Girl looking at bookshelf
There are so many benefits to being a member of this kids book club!
Firstly, the activities encourage members to dig deeper into the author’s world through
  • Literacy and comprehension exercises
  • Book club-style questions to prompt discussion
  • A quiz about the book
  • A selection of themed cross-curricular activities including arts, crafts, science, geography, history, languages and cookery
  • Monthly live q&a sessions
  • Links to interesting videos and websites

Then there are three sections to the KidsClub reflecting different reading abilities. Perfect if you have several children, or their reading is at a transition point. Click on the links to see the books we’re currently reading in each section.

As a member, you know you’re encouraging diversity in their reading.
  • The kids book club picks include a diverse selection of authors, genres and characters
  • The KidsClub supports #BlackLivesMatter

Of course all the activities and challenges in the kids book club are age appropriate and help your child to
  • Have fun reading
  • Build a lifelong love of books
  • Develop imagination
  • Explore new authors and genres
  • Immerse themselves in the bookish world with fun games, activities and challenges
  • Get exclusive “behind the scenes” author, illustrator and narrator events

All this means that as a member of the KidsClub you can

  • Relax and enjoy reading with your kids
  • Let them work independently or with your support, however you prefer
  • Support a cross-curricular, holistic, and immersive, learning environment
  • Know you’re building their literacy skills in a fun way
  • Save time on planning engaging reading activities

Flexible memberships

  • Suitable for tots to tweens
  • Unlimited access
  • Virtual and subscription box options
  • Automatic family membership
  • Monthly rolling subscriptions
Examples of activities relating to one of the books in the kids book club

Bespoke activity packs

Each kids book club pack has lots of different themed activities to accompany the book. Here are just some examples from one of the picture book courses.

Lexi Rees runs the live kids book club chats.

Monthly live Q&A sessions

Every month, Lexi Rees, hosts a live book chat for members in a safe environment. (Please note – Lexi has an enhanced DBS certificate for working with children and attendance is by invite only). If you’d like to see more about her and her books, you can visit her author page here.