Advanced Readers

Aimed at more advanced readers, the books in this section of the club encourage them to explore a variety of genres. As well as building comprehension and literacy skills, once you’ve chosen your book(s), members can access a pack crammed full of activities to support immersive learning including science, history, geography, cooking, and art, plus of course some fun games and puzzles. Let’s get started.

  • First, pick the book you want to explore. Don’t forget you can borrow books from a library or get them on an e-reader. Some books have audio versions too.
  • Now grab some paper. If you want to keep a special journal for all your book quests, you might like to decorate the front.
  • For some of the activities, you’ll need a selection of pens and pencils.
Book Club Member
One of our fabulous book club members exploring some of the activities and videos

Here are our current reads …

Eternal Seas

An action-packed fantasy adventure with smugglers, witch-doctors, and an evil overlord.

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The Boy at the Back of the Class

A child’s perspective on the refugee crisis , highlighting the importance of friendship and kindness in a world that doesn’t always make sense.

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High Rise Mystery

A fun whodunnit in an urban setting. Sharp writing with some stretching vocabulary.

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