Chapter Books

Aimed at intermediate readers, the chapter books in this section of the club have short chapters to help readers gain confidence as they move away from picture based texts (although you’re never too old to enjoy an illustrated book, and graphic novels can have very well written and complex plots so should not be viewed negatively). Once you’ve chosen your book(s), members can access a pack crammed full of activities to support immersive learning including science, history, geography, cooking, and art, plus of course some fun games and puzzles. Let’s get started.

  • First, pick the chapter book you want to explore. Don’t forget you can borrow books from a library or get them on an e-reader. Some books have audio versions too.
  • Now grab some paper. If you want to keep a special journal for all your book quests, you might like to decorate the front.
  • For some of the activities, you’ll need a selection of pens and pencils.

Here are our current reads …

Fabio, the world’s greatest flamingo detective

Guaranteed to make animal lovers and would-be detectives laugh.

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Sam Wu is not afraid of ghosts

Can Sam prove to the school bully, and all of his friends, that he is a fearless space adventurer.

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The Worst Witch

Join the accident prone Mildred at the original wizarding school.

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